6 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Online for Loved Ones

It’s that time of the year where you cherish the love you share with your significant other and celebrate love and togetherness.

14th February is the time when people either contemplate on what buy or where to go with their partner.

Valentine’s day was started way long ago with a person named St. Valentine who before execution wrote a letter to his lover ending the letter by saying, “with love your Valentine.” From then people wanted to be valentines to their lovers and significant others.

Not only does Valentine’s day symbolise love towards your partner, it also symbolises the love you have for yourself. Gift yourself something you wanted all year long, pamper yourself or even take yourself out on a date.

6 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Online for Loved Ones

A bundle of the jaw droppingly delicious Chocolate dragees: Be it a part of a huge gift or just as it is, Dragees are the one thing that feels nostalgic for all the 90’s kids or a new revelation for the newer generation. Dragees are premium nuts coated with decadent chocolate are a perfect gift for people with a sweet tooth.

Chocolaty goodness of dry fruit brittle: For all the chocolate lovers out there, here’s the solution to hit two birds with one stone. This chocolate covered brittles, showered with nuts will surely fulfil all your cravings.

Fitness freak’s dry fruit bar: if you or your partner is a fitness freak who loves to keep track of the calories they are taking in, gift him or her a box of Happilo’s Dry fruit bar that’s made entirely out of dry fruits and sweetened with date. Counting calorie, tasty way.

Delicious & Crunchy Healthy Snacks: Not the sweet loving enthusiast? Gift your partner a huge bag of our delicious and unique snacks. Ranging from chickpeas, makhana and peanuts. A flavour explosion in your mouth! Step out of the box and leave behind the roses, balloons and chocolates and bring out the “chatpata” and savoury snacks.

Traditional OG bouquets of roses: if your partner is a hardcore romantic and has high expectations of receiving roses and chocolates, surprise them with roses and Happilo Brittles and dragees. An old and new combination will never go out of fashion.

Marvel fanatic collections: if your significant other is a major marvel fanatic and knows all the dialogues of all the dialogue, go ahead and add more fuel to that fire by gifting him Happilo’s Marvel range. A healthy Valentine’s gift that’s loaded with flavour.

Now if you are someone who loves the traditional gifting and insist on gifting something that carries meaning to the significant other, explore our gifting range which consist of all our premium dry fruits packed in to serve only the best for you.

Try the Exclusive Healthy Gift Hampers at Happilo

Dry Fruit gift Hamper- Iris

Our premium dry fruits in a beautifully designed package perfect for traditional dry fruit lovers. The hamper consists of our premium Californian almonds, Premium oven roasted salted pistachios, Premium seedless raisins and premium whole cashew nuts. 

Dry Fruit Hamper- Tulip

Ever noticed your partner craving for tangy and masala covered fruits? Gift your loved ones our Happilo dry fruit hamper Tulip, which has an array of dried fruits ranging from strawberries to pineapple! 

Dry fruit Hamper- Lotus

Try our unique gift hamper filled with our premium California almonds, whole cashews, premium raisins and cranberries! A great combo to gift your significant other and yourself.

In a dilemma as to how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We got your back. Valentine’s day doesn’t come every day and you have every right to make it special and unforgettable.

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Long drive: all things romantic starts with a long drive to a destination. Enjoy the presence of your significant other while munching on Happilo’s snacking range so you can stay healthy and enjoy the flavours without worrying on binging on junk.

Picnic: just imagine a huge piece of land covered in grass and you and your significant comfortably under a huge tree. Take along peanut butter sandwiches and brittles to enjoy in tranquillity!

Weekend getaway: nothing sounds more relaxing than getting away from your hectic schedule and checking in to a nice resort where nothing matters but the two of you.

Book tickets to the new movie: The OG date is a movie night and this Valentine's Day relive the old times and watch the movie while holding hands with your significant other.


This day is just to spend a wonderful day and whatever you decide to do will be an unforgettable moment for the both of you. In conclusion, all the gift you decide to gift your significant others it’s always going make it unique and special. From Happilo to you, we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, let’s celebrate love!


Any gift that’s thoughtful and has a special message behind it makes a great valentines day gift. Valentines’ day is all about celebrating love, and overcomplicating gifts lose the touch of simplicity. A simple handwritten note, Things he or she loves or just a good home cooked meal will prove to be the best gift to your significant other.
By adding a touch of you in the gift will hold more memories and prove to be more special to your lover as whatever you do you’ll do at the end of the day will have pure intentions, extra love and care.
In conclusion, Happilo has a great range of products that count as Healthy Valentine’s Day gift. Our Pistachio and Almond brittle, Dragees, Snacks and healthy spreads are all the gifts that show that you went the extra mile to look for a gift that they will love and won’t be unhealthy.

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