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FREE Delivery on Orders Above ₹ 499/-

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Buy Dry Fruit and Nut bars online on Happilo.

In today’s generation of fast living and eating healthy, we at Happilo have launched a delicious route of healthy snacking with our Dry Fruit bars and Healthy Fruit bars. They are filled with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants that end your hunger cravings with its flavourful taste while letting you live the healthy lifestyle. Choose from a variety of bars ranging from Cranberry bar to almond bar. The nut bars are a healthy and tasty replacement to boring and bland diet food. Buy energy bars at Happilo and enjoy your healthy lifestyle. These dry fruit bars keep you full without that extreme spike in energy due to sugar instead gives you a prolonged source of energy that keeps you going through your work calls or workout. Happilo’s dry fruit bars are also an alternative for chocolate bars and will keep your mind at ease while you indulge in Healthy fruit and nut bars.

Happilo Have the Best Quality Dry Fruit Bars to Offer

Happilo has the healthiest fruit and nut bars made from premium quality nuts and dry fruits. The healthy fruit bars contain zero sugar, cholesterol and trans-fat. Sweetened naturally with dates and sprinkled with ragi crispies for added textures makes these healthy fruit and nut bars the best of its kind and the finest quality of dry fruit bars. With Happilo being known for its premium nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios we offer nothing but that in our Healthy fruit and nuts bars to leave the customers with satisfaction and a belief in Happilo’s service.

Varieties of Healthy Dry Fruit & Nut Bars

Happilo has a wide variety of nut bars and healthy fruit bars to buy making use of premium dry fruits and nuts, in unique flavour combinations like Premium pistachios, Rose almonds, Choco almond, premium blueberries, premium walnuts and cranberry cashews.

Cranberry Bar: Dry fruit bar filled with antioxidant rich cranberries and almonds creating a good foundation for all the meals.

Walnut bars- These bars loaded with calcium and antioxidants are the perfect blend of health and taste that gets you all set for the day.

Almond bars- almond bar and chocolate go hand in hand to create a blend of delicious bars made for everyone and anyone.

Nut bars- Happilo’s nut bars contain no rice crispies and only premium quality nuts and dry fruits making it not only healthy but also unique to taste.

Why People Trust Happilo for Healthy Fruit Bars

Happilo is known for their premium dry fruits and nuts, making it trustable brand to millions. With the addition of Healthy Fruit and Nut bars to their treasury makes, it a truly perfect product to be trusted on. Trust takes a long time to build and the company makes sure to serve its customers and build that trust so you can keep trying our new product with the confidence that we never disappoint.

See What Happilo Have in Their Bag for You.

Happilo always strive to give the customers the best deals out there and the deals are the best thing for anyone. This new year when all your resolutions have been going down hill Happilo comes in as a saviour with their taste easiest resolution giving you “achieve fitness in style combo” and “Dry fruit combo” letting you taste the Dry fruit bars and see for yourself, but in a combo that’s safe on your pocket.


Dry fruit bars are a major source of protein with the mixture of essential oils, calcium and proteins. Nut bars are also a great alternative to protein drinks, with no addition of caffeine and added artificial flavours making it the healthier and happier choice.
After a workout the body wants to rejuvenate and get back the energy lost, dry fruit bars are the best way to go for all your healthy craving after a tough workout.
Healthy nut bars are filled with protein to energize you after a long day of work or get you energised early in the morning. Along with protein dry fruit bars have antioxidants and vitamins that are great for your body.
Healthy Fruit nut bars come in a selection of premium nuts which are added with dried fruits to get a unique flavour. The nuts are mainly pistachios, walnuts, cashews and almonds which are mixed in with cranberries, blueberries, rose to get a one-of-a-kind flavour combination which is available on Happilo.
Dry fruit bars contain no added preservatives and sugar, made entirely with natural products. Dates are the main constitute to add in that unique sweetness, and ragi crispies for that added crunch, mixed in with the premium dry fruits and nuts. This is what our healthy fruit and nut bars are made of.