9 Benefits of Dates with Milk to Break Ramadan Fast in 2022

9 Benefits of Dates with Milk to Break Ramadan Fast in 2022
Break your ramadan fast with dates

Muslim homes carry great anticipation for the weeks that lead to Ramadan. Needless to say, the month-long spiritual reflection and journey have the warm company of culinary delights as well. From Sehri, the traditional morning meal before the sun rises, to Iftar, the moment to break Ramadan fast with the benefits of dates with milk, the journey is spiritually fulfilling in Muslim households.

But before feasting on the Iftar food, it’s important to know the significance of the Ramadan fruit which is dates. And why people consume it with milk. There are remarkable benefits of dates with milk healthwise. However, the practice also has historical significance as well. So, let’s take a deeper look at the dates and milk benefits and the historical significance of the same.

Significance and Benefits of Dates with Milk during Ramadan Fast

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The historical significance dates back to the time when Prophet Muhammad proposed the practice of breaking fast with dry or fresh dates. Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah himself would consume dates soaked in milk to break Ramadan fast before Salat. In the absence of dates, water would be the sole source as it is purifying.

Reasons to Break Ramadan Fast in 2022 with Dates and Milk

It’s not only because of the historical significance of the Prophet’s own practices but also the health benefits that come into play. The benefits of dates and milk are manifold especially after the Ramadan fast. So, let’s take a look at the goodness of dates and milk for our health.

1. Dates are easy to digest

Generally after fasting if you have anything heavy it troubles your digestive system. However, this is where the dates and milk benefits kick in. It doesn’t allow your stomach to tire as it is easy to digest.

2. Dates prepare the stomach for the main meal after fasting

The break of the day-long fasting makes you rush for excessive food. And this can easily cause digestion problems. But dates, both fresh or dry, help quickly bring down the burning hunger so you can take in the main Ramadan food at a sensible pace. This also helps save your stomach from those digestive problems.

Moreover, dates activate the digestive juices and secretions and help prepares the stomach to calm down before you consume the Iftar food.

3. Milk helps minimise fatigue after fasting

Milk is superior to any traditional sports drink. That is because of its ability to provide additional energy, protein, calcium and sodium. It also has the power to minimise the fatigue that people generally feel after their Ramadan fast. The benefits of dates and milk together help the body retrieve energy and prepare the body for the Iftar feast!

4. Milk promotes more water retention in the body

Compared to water, consuming milk retains more water in the body thanks to its high-level ingredients present including electrolytes. This is due to the high Beverage Hydration Index that milk contains due to its protein constituents. Hence, milk and dates are the ideal Ramadan diet for your health and well being. Thereby, it prepares you enough to enjoy your Ramadan food at night and continue fasting the other day in a healthy way.

5. Dates are natural energy for the brain cells

The natural ingredient within dates is one of the most nutritious elements for the brain cells. Thanks to its organic sweetness and energy, it quickly rejuvenates the body after day-long fasting. Likewise, the benefits of dates and milk combined together help your body revive for the next day of fasting.

6. Prevents constipation during fasting days

Due to the change of eating times once Ramadan start, the chances of constipation run high. This also happens due to the intake of low fibre food during the time. And to prevent the same from happening, this Ramadan fruit comes to the rescue! Breaking fast with dates helps keep constipation away thanks to its nourishing nutrients.

7. Adjusts acidity of the blood

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and meat can result in the acidity of the blood. Furthermore, it can lead to gout, gall bladder inflammations, diabetes, haemorrhoids and renal stones. To reduce the chances of the same, the alkaline salts present in dates helps balance this acidity.

With your Ramadan diet on point, you get to experience the spiritual journey to the fullest. Prepare your Ramadan moments with the best dates in India handpicked for health.

9 Benefits of Dates with Milk: How it Boosts your Health in the Long Term

Benefits of dates with milk
Consuming dates with milk helps keep key areas of your body healthy. The nutrients in dates and milk combined help and prepare the body to maintain fitness for the long run. Also, the time of having it also contributes to boosting its effects. That is, the benefits of dates with milk at night are manifold.

Sometimes people associate dry fruits to have sugar and therefore carry high calories. Now, while it serves as a healthy way to gain calories, we debunked the myth of sugar in dried fruits.

Having milk at night is a healthy practice for both children and adults. It helps absorb more calcium, increases relaxation and prevents bloating. And with dates, the benefits double up. So, here are the top benefits of dates with milk at night.

1. Improves and Strengthens Muscle Health

Consuming dates and milk consistently every day helps in developing muscle strength. Today, muscle weakness is a common aspect especially due to the “new normal” routine. Hence, it has become imperative to turn to the right food because “you are what you eat”.

Both milk and dates carry a high content of protein that ensures higher bone density as well as developing muscle health.

2. Enhances Sexual Health

Your sexual health is as important as your physical and mental health. To maintain the same, your body craves nutrients that develop stamina. The benefits of dates with milk at night help boost your fitness and therefore enhance endurance.

3. Treats Anaemia and Improves Blood Circulation

A key nutrient in the Ramadan fruit is iron. And iron helps boost the supply of blood throughout the body. And this significantly helps people who suffer from anaemia. This is one of the benefits of dates with milk that helps improve blood circulation and haemoglobin levels. Therefore, dates are rich in fibre, iron and vitamins that enhance haemoglobin levels and keep your snacking time clean and healthy.

For people with anaemia, you can drink milk with a few dates every day at night without fail to help support your system.

4. Refreshes Skin

Dates contain fibre and are high in antioxidants. And you already know that antioxidants naturally make the skin glowing and clear. Not just for the skin, the benefits of dates with milk help detoxify the body in a natural way. They support the liver’s function as it continuously keeps harmful wastes away from the body. And hence, it reflects not just on the skin clearing it and glowing more than ever before but also keeps the body toxin-free! You can try the Happilo premium international Ajwa dates among the others to allow antioxidants to cleanse your skin.

5. Improves Hair Texture

Just as the skin muscles and organs, there are multiple dates benefits for hair. With iron present in them, it improves blood circulation throughout reaching your scalp as well. Thereby, it helps strengthen hair follicles, boosting hair growth and keeping hair loss away. However, you will experience the complete dates benefits for hair if you maintain consuming them every day consistently.

Moreover, you will also notice that your hair texture improves gradually after a few months. Hence, not just the hair or the skin, the body appears more youthful and lively!

6. Improves Brain Health

Due to the nutrients of dates that help develop the brain cells, it helps in improving various aspects of the same. From strengthening memory to sharpening concentration to preventing dementia, the benefits of dates with milk are hence manifold. You can look at various brain-health foods for children and pave the way for wholesome development.

Dates carry Vitamin B6 and choline which mainly contributes to the overall health of the brain. They also help in accelerating the learning process and prevent memory loss. Consistent consumption of dates with milk every day helps children and adults with memory and concentration.

7. Relieves Joint Pain

With the varying nutrients in dates, the benefits of dates with milk leaves behind impactful results in building great health. Calcium is a common element in both milk and dates and hence take care of bone density and health. Not just calcium, dates contain manganese, phosphorous, potassium and copper that help in boosting overall bone health.

8. Boosts Weight Gain in Children

In most young children, the right weight gain is slow while in some, negligible. This is what bothers mothers with their sleepless nights. One of the benefits of dates with milk is to help young children gain the right weight quickly thanks to the amount of calories present. Gaining weight with the help of dates and milk is one of the healthiest ways to build a little mass.

The ideal time to eat dates with milk so children can reap healthy weight gain is the early mornings. The fibre-rich munchies tend to keep them full and satisfied all throughout the morning.

9. Vitamin B Folate in Dates helps during Pregnancy

One of the dry dates benefits for females is that it contains Vitamin B folate which helps in childbirth. Generally, it is great for expecting mothers throughout their gestational period. Thanks to the calcium content, it also helps in developing their bones and therefore detoxifying the body to maintain great health. Furthermore, dates also carry Vitamin B16 which helps in minimising the chances of birth defects.

One of the other dry dates benefits for females is that it may help increase the chances of normal delivery. The sugar content in dates and milk boosts energy thereby boosting the uterus’ sensitivity to oxytocin. This may help in uterine contractions. Thanks to the content, dates may also help increase cervical dilation and minimise labour time. To make the pregnancy experience a little more smooth, you can also understand the nutritional benefits of eating blueberries during pregnancy and grab a packet to start munching!


Let’s make good health a priority with handpicked dates by Happilo! With snacks that are rich in minerals and fibre, the Premium International Queen Kalmi Dates have no preservatives and replenish your energy quicker! You can now equip your Ramadan days with healthy munchies as the Happilo Premium Arabian Dates as well. Picking high-quality dates for Iftar not only fills your stomach quickly but also prepares your stomach for the next big meal. Such premium dates help in maintaining your overall health in the long run as well.

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