The Superpowers of Seeds for Weight Loss | Which Seeds Should You Eat?

The Superpowers of Seeds for Weight Loss | Which Seeds Should You Eat?

Seeds. The forgotten foods that we didn’t know we really needed. While they may look tiny and inconspicuous, seeds pack a punch and are actually powerhouses of essential nutrients that your body needs. With the benefits of seeds spanning lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and providing fibre, you can even eat seeds for weight loss! But not all seeds are made equal. Here are some of our favourite seeds for weight loss from Happilo International and why you should eat them!

seeds for weight loss

1. Chia Seeds

This seed holds the coveted title of being a superfood- a title given to foods that carry maximum nutritional value with minimum calories. Chia seeds are the perfect seeds for weight loss as they can help curb your appetite and keep you full for longer. If you’re wondering how to eat seeds, you can soak them in milk overnight for a delicious and nutritious pudding or just scoop a spoonful of chia in your breakfast or evening snack. Because of its tastelessness, you won’t even realise it’s there, but your body will, and it’ll thank you! 

2. Flax Seeds 

Also called linseeds, flax seeds share many of the same benefits as their seedy brethren- the chia seed. The uses of flaxseed are immense; aiding with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and obesity. It can even assist with digestion, as an important use of flaxseed is preventing constipation. Like chia seeds, flaxseed is also mostly tasteless, making it a great addition to any meal. 

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 and healthy fats that nourish the body and keep it full, making them excellent seeds for weight loss. Studies have also shown that consuming pumpkin seeds regularly can improve heart health and reduce the symptoms of urinary disorders. Simply dry roasting and seasoning pumpkin seeds make an excellent snack to munch on. You can even sprinkle it on salads for an extra crunch and texture. Try Happilo pumpkin seeds to reap the benefits of seeds and kickstart your weight loss journey!

4. Sunflower Seeds 

You may see the elderly often snack on sunflower seeds and wonder why. Well, if you hear about the benefits of the seeds, you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon too because these seeds are packed with nutrients that can help reduce inflammation and have even been proven to reduce heart disease in elderly people. Just like pumpkin seeds, you can dry roast sunflower seeds and toss them in salads or simply eat them as snacks!

seeds for weight loss

5. Basil Seeds

Also known as Sabja seeds, these seeds look a lot like chia seeds, giving it the title- Indian chia seeds. Basil seeds are rich in soluble fibre and have been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for a long time. Basil seeds can also be an important source of calcium and iron for people who do not consume meat or dairy. Because these seeds swell up in water, they make a fun and nutritious addition to beverages and desserts, specifically faloodas.

6. Melon Seeds

Melon seeds are rich sources of protein and are naturally low in calories, making them highly efficient seeds for weight loss. Packed with the goodness of zinc, magnesium and iron, you can buy these raw at Happilo International and eat them just like that or roasted for a quick and fuss-free snack. Melon seeds work great with Indian recipes as they are commonly used in making sweets, halwa and to thicken gravies. 

Now, while you might have a clear idea about which seeds are good for health, you may still have questions regarding consuming them regularly. Well, we aren’t here to give you long and complicated recipes; rather tips and tricks to reap the benefits of seeds easily. Here are our top 5 tips to incorporate seeds into your daily meals!

Tips On How to Eat Seeds Daily: 

  • Add to your baked goods: Whether you’re making a sinful chocolate cake or healthy muffins, throwing in a few tablespoons of seeds can boost its nutritional value and we promise, you won’t even taste it! 
  • Blend with your morning smoothie: We already know that drinking a fruit or veggie smoothie in the morning is one of the healthiest ways to go about your day. Why not take that up a notch by adding some seeds for weight loss as they can keep you full longer.
  • Sprinkle over your carbs: A quick and easy way to seamlessly add seeds to your diet is by sprinkling them over your cooked rice/millets or kneading them into your roti dough. 
  • Roasted and spiced: A great snack to fix the 5 pm binge is grabbing a handful of seeds. Roasting and seasoning them can help satisfy your savoury craving but also provide the benefits of seeds. Happilo pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and melon seeds make a great evening snack to grab when you’re looking for something nutritious and crunchy. 
  • Fun drinks and desserts: Chia and basil seeds swell up and give a bouncy texture when soaking liquid, making them great for beverages and desserts. For a quick chia seed pudding, soak a few tablespoons in any milk of your choice and leave overnight for the perfect breakfast!

seeds for weight loss

It’s definitely no challenge to seamlessly incorporate seeds into your daily diet without changing what you’re eating. So why not kickstart your health with Happilo and reap the nutrition of these tiny superfoods? 

Happilo is a health food brand that aims to promote health and nutrition through smart snacking. They offer a wide range of premium quality nuts, dry fruits, trail mixes and much more that is meant to satisfy all your cravings without any guilt. With the help of international suppliers from the US, Afghanistan, Thailand, Happilo brings you the tastiest produce without compromising on quality.

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