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Three Types of Nuts You Need: Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews

You can’t spell nutrition without ‘nut’ and you can’t think of nuts without thinking of- Kaju, Badam, Pista. This holy trinity has been revered for its multiple health benefits and has often been considered the most nutritious nuts. But what makes these types of nuts so special? Let’s talk about it!

Types of nutsAlmonds- The Multi-Tasker 

You may have heard your mother/grandmother tell you to eat a handful of soaked badam before your math exams. While you might have shrugged it off as something superstitious, we are here to tell you there is some truth to it. 

Rich in vitamins and mineralsAlmonds are good sources of magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and iron. These minerals are essential for the body and help support brain memory, learning and mood.  Besides these brainy advantages of almonds, they are also high in vitamin E and healthy fats that can be beneficial for shinier, healthier hair and skin. 

Vegan dairy substitute: Since almonds are high in calcium and other essential minerals, they are a great replacement for dairy products. Almond milk is a common staple in vegan households and for those who are lactose intolerant. Almond butter is also a good spread on bread for those who are looking for healthy snacks. 

Almonds as a healthy snack: Along with the multiple advantages of almonds, they are also a healthy snack to munch on if you are looking for low-calorie snacks. Almonds are high in  healthy fats that can keep you full for longer and thus, aid your weight loss journey. Here are a few more ideas of healthy snacks for weight loss that can help you reach your goals easier.

Overall, almonds have various health benefits for your entire body, making them one of the most nutritious nuts out there. This is why Happilo Almonds are our absolute best sellers!

Types of nuts benefitsCashews- The Shape-Shifter 

Did you know that this kidney-shaped nut is native to Brazil but is now cultivated in tropical countries all over the world? That’s not the only interesting fact about this nut; its multiple health benefits along with its versatility make it an absolute kitchen staple. 

Rich in minerals: Similar to the advantages of almonds, cashews are also high in magnesium making them ideal for brain health. Cashews are also rich in copper- which helps our body utilize iron from foods properly. Copper also helps with the production of melanin- our body’s natural skin and hair pigment. 

An abundance of healthy fats: It is a common myth that eating cashews will make you put on weight. Like many other nuts, cashews are high in healthy, monounsaturated fats that don’t lead to weight gain in the same way as trans and saturated fats. Rather, they help you stay full longer and thereby promote weight loss. 

Versatility: The most unique feature of cashews is their versatility for daily cooking. While roasted cashews benefit by making excellent snacks to crunch on, you can also use cashews to substitute many dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. Because of these reasons, Happilo cashews are a favorite amongst vegetarians and vegans alike.

Pistachios- The Fat Burner different types of nuts

This bright green nut is not only extremely tasty but also packed full of nutrients. Well, it's a no-brainer as to why these types of nuts have been eaten by humans since 7000 BC. Here are some interesting reasons why you should incorporate pistachios into your diet.

Low-calorie snack: Pistachios are the lightest compared to other types of nuts, with each nut only being 4 calories. Along with this, they are high in healthy fats that keep you full longer; making pistachios an ideal snack. But why snack healthy between meals and meets? 

High in antioxidants: Pistachios contain higher amounts of antioxidants than any other nut. Antioxidants help your body by preventing cell damage and helping fight harmful diseases.

Good for the gut: Pistachios are high in fiber, which is necessary for your body for digestion. When fiber reaches your gut, the natural, good bacteria help break it down and release fatty acids that have several health benefits like better digestion and nutrition absorption. 

You can get Happilo Pistachios in three types- Iranian, Californian and simply unsalted, deshelled pistachio kernels. 

So now that you know the health benefits of kaju, badam and pista, let’s discuss how you should be eating these three types of nuts. Raw or roasted?

Raw Nuts 

  • In this form, all types of nuts are at their most nutritious as eating nuts raw preserves their antioxidants and vitamin A. They also contain fewer calories and less fat, making them an ideal choice for weight loss. 
  • However, they don’t taste as good and lack the crunch or aroma of roasted nuts. This method or type of nuts can also contain compounds that make them difficult to digest.

Roasted Nuts

  • When we discuss roasted nuts, we are talking about dry roasted nuts without the use of extra fat and oil. Roasting enhances the flavour profile and adds more crunch. They are also easy to digest and the cooking method reduces the chances of exposure to harmful bacteria.
  • However when dry roasted, nuts can lose their water content and gain more fat content. Sometimes, they can also accumulate traces of trans fat. It is also important to be conscious of sodium content as most roasted nuts in the market are salted. If you are looking for premium roasted nuts, Happilo almonds, cashews and pistachios are some of the best in the market.

Whether you choose to eat your nuts raw or roasted, you are still gaining important nutritions that are vital for your body. You can add your kaju, badam and pista in a salad, make festive treats or simply grab a handful for a healthy snack and we promise- your body will thank you. 

You can shop for all your favourite types of nuts at Happilo- a health food brand that aims to promote health and nutrition through smart snacking. They offer a wide range of premium quality nuts, dry fruits, trail mixes and much more that is meant to satisfy all your cravings without any guilt. With the help of international suppliers from the US, Afghanistan, Thailand, Happilo brings you the tastiest produce without compromising on quality.

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