A Healthy Snack for Weight Loss: DIY Recipes | Smart Snacking Tips

A Healthy Snack for Weight Loss: DIY Recipes | Smart Snacking Tips

We know losing weight can be really hard. Especially when you’re restricting your diet and eating clean. But did you know snacking can actually be an important part of your weight loss journey? No, we’re not talking about snacks like fried food, processed snacks and sugar-filled treats. We are talking about whole, unprocessed foods that you can eat in between meals that can keep you full for longer and aid you in making healthier choices for your next meal. So why snack healthy in between meals and meets? We are here to show you why and how!

We’re here to help you with your smart snacking choices- with 6 simple recipes to eat the next time you’re craving an evening munchy that will not take you more than 10 minutes to make. All of these healthy snacks for weight loss can be found in your neighbourhood grocery store, so grab a pen and paper and start making your next grocery list!

1) Sliced Apples with Nut Butter

Just eating fruit can sometimes be boring. Especially if you’re craving something creamy and rich. Nut butter is packed with the nutrition of nuts like peanut, almond and cashew- making it the perfect protein-rich snack to eat with fresh, sliced fruit. This healthy snack can also aid weight loss as nut butter can keep you full and energised for longer.

A dry fruit trail mix paves way for smart snacking.

2) Mixed Nuts

The next time you’re craving something crunchy and savoury, ditch the salty chips and instead, grab a handful of mixed nuts. The nutrition of nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts are tremendous and can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and provide you with essential nutrients including vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Don’t be fooled by the high-fat percentage of nuts, these protein-rich snacks are naturally low in calories making them the perfect healthy snack for weight loss.

3) Trail Mixes

Trail mix was originally developed as a portable snack for hikers and included a simple mixture of peanuts and raisins. In fact, the term GORP is still common amongst hikers, which stands for ‘good old raisins and peanuts.’ But we’ve come a long way from there. Over the years, this simple snack has gained more ingredients and become a pantry favourite amongst everyone across the globe.

Trail mixes are a mixture of nuts, dry fruits and seeds that make a convenient, protein-rich snack with a long shelf life. The benefits of dry fruits and nuts include reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and enriching your body with essential nutrients like antioxidants, zinc, magnesium and healthy fats.

You can incorporate trail mixes as a topping in different foods:

  • Add as a salad topping to add crunch, texture and sweetness
  • Mix with your oatmeal for a healthy breakfast
  • Add to your baking recipes
  • Blend with a smoothie
  • Sprinkle over yoghurt

You can make a simple trail mix at home by combining your favourite nuts, seeds and dry fruits. For maximum health benefits, ensure your trail mix has no added vegetable oils, sugars and salt. If you’re looking for an easier solution, you can check out Happilo’s wide collection of trail mixes that are with goodness and nothing else!

4) Yoghurt with Mixed Berries

Yoghurt is filled with good bacteria that can aid your digestion and ensure better stomach health. It has even been proven to help increase your metabolism, thus helping you lose weight faster. One of the best toppings for this protein-rich snack is adding fresh or dry berries. Berries are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and adding them to your yoghurt makes a delicious, sweet and tart dessert- without the guilt and calories.

5) Baked Vegetable Chips

Sometimes, you get hit by salt cravings that only some crispy chips can fulfil. Well, that's okay because you can make simple, baked vegetable chips that satisfy your cravings but also enrich your body with essential nutrients. You can buy healthier baked veggie chips or simply make them yourself at home. Just thinly slice vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, beetroot, drizzle with oil, salt and spices, and bake until crispy.

An excellent choice of a protein-rich snack is chia seeds.

6) Chia Pudding

Chia seeds contain a nutrient called quercetin- an antioxidant that can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Along with this, it also contains a variety of antioxidants, omega 3 and fibre, making this a wonderfully healthy snack for weight loss. While you can just sprinkle chia seeds on any of your meals, you can also make a delicious pudding to enjoy as a dessert.

Just soak chia seeds in water or milk and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Once the chia seeds swell up, add any topping of your choice like nut butter, dry fruits and nuts, fresh fruit or simply throw in some trail mix for a quick and easy dessert. If you’re looking for high quality organic chia seeds, check out Happilo’s collection!

Besides these, there are a ton of nutrients and protein-rich snacks for you to experiment with. So the next time you’re craving a sweet or salty treat, or about to do the 5 pm binge, try a healthy snack made from natural, unprocessed food. Snacking smart can help your mental health and ensure you have a sustainable and fun weight loss journey.

Happilo is a health food brand that aims to promote health and nutrition through smart snacking. They offer a wide range of premium quality nuts, dry fruits, trail mixes and much more that is meant to satisfy all your cravings without any guilt. With the help of international suppliers from the US, Afghanistan, Thailand, they bring you the tastiest produce without compromising on quality.

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