Why snack healthy in between meals and meets?

Why snack healthy in between meals and meets?

Snacking is one thing that we as humans cannot give up and indulge in every single day. However, snacking is a good habit but snacking on unhealthy snacks can prove harmful in the long run. It is therefore important for us to understand the importance of healthy snacking and which snacks should one nibble on in between meals and meetings at work or otherwise. Healthy snacks like nuts, berries, trail mixes, dried fruits and various others make for a perfect in-between snacking option as they not only help decrease hunger and cravings but also provide ample nutrients to your body. Although people have various misconceptions about snacking in between meals, it is unavoidable and forms an important part of one's diet. Snacking helps give that extra boost of energy while working or carrying out routine tasks. Healthier snacking options give you that much-needed boost of energy to get you through the day and keep you active by decreasing lethargy.

Replacing a packet of crisps, a box of doughnuts or any other junk with a handful of almonds, blueberries, pistachios, cashews or any of your favourite nuts will instantly make you feel that extra boost of energy. Additionally, considering the unfortunate pandemic many people have been working from home and have adopted unhealthy eating patterns. Always keep a packet of nuts around you to avoid going for a packet of junk. These immunity-boosting snacks like nuts, berries, dried fruits will also help you fight diseases and increase immunity levels. Healthy snacks like these don't have to be eaten alone but can be added to many healthy recipes like yoghurts, smoothie bowls, salad bowls and much more. They also aid in weight management and maintaining an optimal calorie count. Rather than snacking on empty calories when you feel hungry, grab a handful of healthy nuts and give your body that extra amount of nutrition it requires.

Snacking in between meals and work can be beneficial especially when:

  • You have a small appetite 
  • When you suffer from health conditions like diabetes 
  • While working from home 
  • When you’re on a diet 
  • To avoid unhealthy cravings 
  • To stay energised 
  • To improve immunity health 
  • To provide optimal amount of nutrients to your body 

Some of the most ideal snacks for in between snacking include a range of exotic nuts as well as spreads. These can be eating by themselves alone or added to your favourite dishes. However, it is important to keep in mind that healthy snacking should also indulged in, in moderation. Healthy snacking allow the body to receive the nutrients it requires and also keeps the mind and body happy and healthy. With “snackfication” becoming the talk of the town, people are looking for multiple healthy snacking options and Happilo is here to make sure that all your cravings are fulfilled without compromising on health or hygiene. 

Snacking on healthier choices also helps boost brain power and is very beneficial for people who are snacking during work hours especially before lunch or as evening snacks. These nuts and berries act as fuel for the brain and keep your mind actively working through the day making you productive and ensuring that all tasks are met in the most desirable manner possible. In order to prevent ill-effects in the long run and to increase maximum productivity while also giving the body the required amount of nourishment and nutrition it requires it is important for one to switch to healthier snacking options. Developing a habit of consuming healthier snacks can prove beneficial for the rest of your life and also for the environment collectively. Make a conscious witch to healthier snacking options today. Snack Healthy, Stay Happy. 

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